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Free Printable Knitting Abbreviations Chart

Whether you're diving into a new pattern or writing your own, it's helpful to have some of the most common knitting abbreviations handy! Instead of searching each time for "what does ksp stand for?" or "is knit two together right leaning or left leaning?" you are welcome to download this free PDF chart that's as pretty as it is useful (if I do say so myself).

Blanket Sizing Chart, Crochet Blanket Sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm)

Click on the image of the chart above to download a high quality, printable version for yourself! It'll make your next project or pattern so much easier to start when you have all the most common knitting abbreviations in one place!

Abbreviations contained in the chart include:

The General terms

alt - alternate

approx - approximately

beg - beginning

bet - between

cont - continue

prev- previous

rem - remaining

rep - repeat

rnd - round

tbl - through

the back loop

WS - wrong side

wyib - with yarn in back

wyif - with yarn in front

The Directions

bo - bind off

co - cast on

dec - decrease

inc - increase

k - knit

p - purl

pm - place marker

sm - slip marker

psso - pass the slipped stitch over

sl1p/sl1k - slip one purlwise/knitwise

sl st/ss - slip stitch

yo - yarn over

w&t - wrap and turn

yb - yarn back

yfwd or yf - yarn forward

The Tools

cc - contrasting color

cn - cable needle

dpn - double-pointed needles

mc - main color

The Measurements

” or in - inch

cm - centimeter

g - gram

m - meter

mm - millimeter

oz -ounce

yd - yard

The Increases

k1b - knit stitch in row below

kfb - knit into the front and back of a stitch

m1/m1k - make one stitch knitwise

M1R - make one right (right leaning)

M1L - make one left (left leaning)

M1p - make one purlwise

M1rp - make one right purlwise (right leaning)

M1lp - make one left purlwise (left leaning)

pfb - purl one in front and back of stitch

The Decreases

ksp - knit 1 stitch, slip it from right needle to left needle, pass the next stitch over, slip the first stitch back onto right needle (right leaning)

k2tog - knit two stitches together (right leaning)

p2tog - purl two stitches together

SKP - slip 1 knitwise, knit 1, pass slip stitch over knit stitch (left leaning)

ssk - slip 2 stitches knitwise, knit them together through the back loop (left leaning)

ssp - same as ssk but purl the stitches together

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