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How To Crochet The Loop Stitch - Easier Than You Think...

The loop stitch is a surprisingly easy crochet stitch that has a big impact! This stitch is loaded with texture and is a great, no-cut alternative to fringe. It's one that really needs to be demonstrated so fortunately there's a video tutorial you can find here:


Stitch Pattern

The loop stitch can be worked across any number of stitches.

Crochet a chain to your desired length

Row 1: Skip the first chain and make 1sc in each chain of the row.

Row 2: Ch1, turn and insert your hook into the first stitch. With your left index finger pulling a long loop of your working yarn.

Grab the working yarn from the back of your index finger.

Swing the hook around and grab the working yarn on the front of your finger, and pull up two loops through the stitch, with a loop still stuck on your left index finger.

Yarn over and draw through all the loops on your hook.

Repeat the loop stitch technique for every stitch of the row.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to achieve the loop stitch.

This stitch is really best demonstrated rather than explained so be sure to check out the video tutorial if you're still having trouble getting it down!

And if you're obsessed with this new stitch and want a pattern you can try out with it right now, check out my Boho Textures Throw Pillow HERE.



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