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The Binge Worthy Cowl - Free Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern!

This crochet cowl pattern is designed with binge watching your favorite show in mind! Once you get the first round set up, there's no need to count rows or stitches. You'll just work around and around in a spiral until you run out of yarn. And by working into chain spaces, this project is one you can really take your eyes off of and let muscle memory take over! Leaving those peepers available to re-re-watch that subtitled drama!

There is a complimentary video tutorial for this pattern. You can find it on my YouTube channel or by clicking HERE

And to get your free downloadable, printable PDF copy of the pattern, click HERE


For this pattern, you'll need a 15mm crochet hook and about 100 yards (90m) of a super bulky weight yarn like this lovely MillaMia's Naturally Soft Super Chunky which was kindly sent to me by After this, make sure to check out their free crochet patterns section!

The Pattern

To begin chain 50

Join in the round by slip stitching your last chain to your first chain.

To do this, insert your hook into your first chain (making sure your chain isn't twisted) and pull a loop through the first chain and through the loop on your hook.

Round 1:  Ch2 and make 1hdc in the next ch, *ch1, skip 1 ch and make 1hdc in the next ch.* Repeat between the asterisks ** to the end of the round.

Rows 2-10: Don't slip stitch to join in the round. Instead, work 1hdc into the ch2 space you chained up at the beginning of round 1. *Ch1, and work 1hdc in the next ch space* Repeat between asterisks ** around and around in a spiral.

Work until you're almost out of yarn. To level off your spiral, for the last 2 chain spaces, work as follows:

ch1, 1sc in next ch space, ch1, 1 sl st in next chain space

Fasten off and weave in ends.

There you have it! The Binge Worthy Cowl. I hope you enjoy working this pattern the next time you're binge watching your favorite Netflix show. And I want to give a special shout out to for sending me this epic yarn. You can check out their Free Crochet Patterns section of their site HERE

And if you give this pattern a try, please share it with me on Instagram or Ravelry. I'd love to see your projects!


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