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The Easiest Knit Baby Slippers - Baby Socks Knitted Flat

Let's face it, baby feet are just there to look cute. They don't really serve much of a purpose so why bother turning a heal or messing with short rows just to put them in a cozy, handmade gift? This free baby slipper pattern couldn't be easier and still produce such a cute result! Knit flat in worsted weight yarn, you can make a bunch of these in a flash for all the babies in your life.

I have a video tutorial of the seaming process! Check it out here!

And get your downloadable, printable copy of the pattern here!

To begin, you'll need a pair of 5mm (US 8) knitting needles and less than a typical skein of worsted weight yarn like Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran, as well as a tapestry needle for seaming.

Cast on 19 sts for the newborn-6mo size or 23 sts for the 6mo-12mo size

Row 1: Knit all sts

Row 2: Knit all sts

Repeat in garter stitch until your piece measures 1.75in (4cm) about 14 rows

On the next row: k1, p1. repeat to the end of the row

On the next row: p1, k1. repeat to the end of the row

Continue in 1x1 ribbing (knit the knits and purl the purls until your work measures 1.75in (4cm) about 10 rows

On the next row: Knit all sts

On the next row: Knit all sts

Repeat in garter stitch until your piece measures 1.75in (4cm) about 14 rows.

Bind off leaving a long tail for seaming.


Thread a tapestry needle with your yarn tail and whip stitch the cast on and bind off edges together to make a tube.

Then thread your yarn around and around one of the open edges of the tube to draw it closed like a drawstring. Knot the end and cut the excess. Turn your project inside out and you're done! (well, you gotta make another one)

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this SUPER easy baby slipper pattern. Feel free to share your projects on instagram or ravelry and let me know cuz I wanna see 'um! Don't forget to check out the video tutorial and download your pretty printable copy of the free pattern!


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